About SharkWeb Blockchain

SharkWeb Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will change the way people think about Blockchain. SharkWeb Blockchain is not just another LAYER 1 blockchain technology - it's an entirely new approach involving AI and Cyber security.

By combining cutting-edge blockchain algorithms with state-of-the-art security protocols, SharkWeb Blockchain offers lightning-fast data transactions and complete transparency along with unparalleled protection against cyber threats - making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

What is SharkWeb Blockchain?

SharkWeb Blockchain is a Layer 1 decentralized digital ledger technology that allows secure, transparent and tamper-proof data transactions by creating a completely trustless network. It is based on the same principles as other blockchain technologies, but with added layers of security. In simple terms, imagine a giant spreadsheet that is shared across thousands of computers around the world.

Each time a transaction is made, it is recorded on this spreadsheet and verified by the network. Once verified, the transaction is added to the chain of blocks, creating an unalterable record of all transactions. This creates a system that is highly resistant to fraud and hacking, making it ideal for use in industries where trust and security are paramount.

Best Features

SharkWeb blockchain has some of the best innovative features available, which makes it the most advance blockchain.

Self-Expanding Block Size

SharkWeb Blockchain has a unique feature of self-expanding block size that can adjust dynamically based on information that is being stored on the blockchain by the user.

Shark Distributed Storage

SharkWeb Blockchain has a distributed storage system that enables secure and efficient storage of data on blockchain with unique encryption module designed for future.

Quantum Protected Encryption

We employ a number of advanced cryptographic techniques to secure our blockchain, including multi-factor authentication, public key encryption, and digital signatures.

SharkCode Contracts and SharkScale

SharkWeb Blockchain has SharkCode contracts, which enable developers to create and deploy smart contracts quickly and easily, without needing to write any code. The name of our unique validator node is SharkScale.

Smarter Chains and Side Chains

SharkWeb Blockchain uses smarter chains and side chains to enable faster and more efficient transactions, while also ensuring the security and immutability of the blockchain. This enables a good combined use of AI along with Cyber Security in Blockchain.

Voice Over SharkWeb Blockchain

SharkWeb Blockchain enables voice communication over the blockchain, providing a secure and private way for users to communicate with each other. The encryption and compression along with conversion of data is done precisely and will be launched soon as a service.

Road Map

Road Map is well defined by calculating the talented skilled man hours required to code, test and deploy the blockchain.


Q4, 2023

Audit and Shark card, Video Streaming platform & surveillance data testing, Community building of 1.9M people in India, UAE, UK


Q4, 2023

Testnet Live,  School Management software, Police FIR system on Sharkchain testing, Aggressive marketing and educational Content


Q2, 2024

Asset Management
Mainnet & Consensus Protocol
Mainnet / Testnet upgrade


Q2, 2024

Application Programming
Interface Multi-languages
Software Development Toolkit
Mainnet Validator Onboarding


Q4, 2024

Governance System
Cross Chain integration Application
Programming Interface


Q4, 2024

Data Storage upgrade
Sharkchain Mainnet upgrade
Sharkchain Documentation release
Cross Chain Sustainbilty Software

What is SharkWeb?

SharkWeb is a blockchain-based technology company that offers a range of services and platforms aimed at revolutionizing the transition to Web3 and Blockchain for Enterprises in a decentralized and sustainable manner.

SharkWeb offers a diverse set of services (BaaS) and platforms (PaaS) all built on blockchain technology with easy cross-platform integration.

The underlying mechanism of all of SharkWeb's services and platforms is blockchain technology, which allows for easy cross-platform integration and collaboration.

Beta version is live & can be tested from the Test beta button on our website.

SharkWeb aims to revolutionize the transition to Web3 and Blockchain for Enterprises in a truly decentralized manner by making it Seamless and Accessible.

The 3 A's & S's that SharkWeb follows are Accessibility, Adaptability, Affordability, Secure, Sustainable, and Speed.

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